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Benefits of Self-Management

Tax Benefit Maximization

Tailored strategies to maximize your tax benefits, optimizing deductions and credits to reduce tax liabilities.

Revenue Retentions

Keep 100% of your revenue with our consulting services, ensuring you retain every dollar earned.

Pricing & Communication Management

Dynamic pricing strategy management and personalized guest communication for enhanced satisfaction.


Why is a Launchpad Consulting fit for you?

With weekly check-ins and unlimited email coaching, never get stuck guessing what to do next for your business. Subscribe to Smart Business Coaching today, and you’ll get:

Pre-Launch Assistance and Local Connections

  • Before your property launch, we provide guidance on essential amenities and shopping lists to ensure your property is fully equipped to meet guest expectations. Additionally, we introduce you to local connections, helping you build and hire a reliable property management team for seamless operations.

Listing Creation and Management

We offer customized creation of listings on platforms like AirBNB, VRBO, and direct booking sites, tailored to attract and convert potential guests. Furthermore, we implement a property management system (PMS) to streamline booking management, ensuring efficient operation of your property.

Advanced Pricing Strategy and Automation

To maximize your revenue, we implement dynamic pricing strategies that adjust based on demand and market trends. Additionally, we set up automated messaging and team coordination management tools to enhance efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Training, Support, and Coaching

Our comprehensive support includes training and education on pricing, operations, and systems to empower you for success. You'll receive ongoing support for one year, including access to monthly group coaching calls, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in the short-term rental market.

From our client:

"Launchpad Consulting has made me thousands! The tech systems and strategies that they've implemented help keep me at the top of the search results and ensure I don't have to spend too much time managing. Their ongoing support ensures I am well equipped to handle challenging situations. Truly a life saving service!"

-Daniel A.


At Launchpad Consulting, we're more than just consultants; we are dedicated partners in the vibrant world of short-term rentals. Our expert team is committed to guiding you from the initial stages of your business to full-scale operations with confidence and ease. We leverage deep industry knowledge and innovative strategies to maximize your property's potential and profitability. Whether you're new to the rental industry or looking to expand, we're here to propel your success. Let us transform your business ambitions into measurable achievements as we navigate the complexities of the rental market together.

Meet the Modern PT experts below!

Dave Menapace

Co-Founder, Launchpad Consulting, LLC
President, The 5-Star Co-Host, LLC


Chris Petzy

Co-Founder, Launchpad Consulting, LLC
Owner, Seacoast Vacation Rentals

Jess Lea

Executive Consultant &Coach, Launchpad Consulting, LLC
Director of Operations, The 5-Star Co-Host, LLC

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